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How Do You Define Your Sense of Self-Worth?

How do you define your sense of self-worth? By the car you drive? The house you own? The clothes you wear? The restaurants you go to? The people you spend time with? The job title you have? The money you own? By the places you travel? The academic knowledge you have? The amount of qualifications you've received? The amount of books you've read? The amount of languages you speak? By your physical capability? How athletic you are? How much you weigh? How white your teeth are? By how many people follow you on social media? How many likes, shares or comments you receive on your posts? How do you define it? What is your self-worth measured by? What builds it? What knocks it? Is your self-worth in the hands of things you can't control? Have you handed over your power to someone else? A company? A gang of friends? Family members? A religious organisation? A beauty therapist? A social media troll? Have you allowed these things to define you? Box you? Shrink you? Make you wobble? Keep you small? Stop you moving forward? Have you allowed these to rob you of your FREEDOM? Have you ever thought of putting the sacred core of your self-worth in the hands of yourself? In the hands of things you can control? Like how you treat yourself and others? How you treat the planet and your environment? Living and walking your own set of values? Of common decency, compassion and respect? Making amends when you have done wrong? Telling yourself the truth? Taking absolute responsibility for yourself and your life? Being kind, honest and true? If your self-worth is directly linked to that which you can control; your thoughts, actions and behaviours towards yourself and others. Then you can finally be free from the worries and constraints of that which you can't always control. It will have nothing to do with the money you earn, as that will come and go; nothing to do with how you look, as ageing will take its natural course; nothing to do with how physically able you are, as that can be taken, through accident, injury or ill-health. It will have everything to do with you, your choices, your power, your worth, your value and self-respect. So no matter what storms you face: failures, losses, weight gained, weight lost, break-ups, breakdowns, illness, disease, abuse, rejections. It doesn't really matter, because your self-worth is so rooted, entrenched and aligned within the very heart of you. So, how do you define your sense of self-worth? Is it something you have ever even thought about or been mindful of? Have you never even had it? Perhaps we can explore this together? I can help you clear and unblock anything in your way to a solid unbreakable sense of SELF-WORTH. I AM WORTHINESS, I AM VALUE, I AM SELF-RESPECT, I AM STRENGTH & I AM FREEDOM!!

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