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Workshops and Sharing Circles

These workshops are designed to allow you take a breath, let go of those emotional weights you carry and help you connect to your inner calm and serenity.

Provides tools to help you emotionally clear, gain insight into the hidden truths inside yourself and find your feeling of home, happiness and creativity, so you can carry these forward into your daily life.

Specifically we will help you learn how to meditate, how to stay focused and control the monkey mind, gain understanding of mindfulness, emotional awareness and heart intelligence. And much much more...

A safe space that will capture all your senses, with mystic scents, candlelight and music.

It will help transport you to another time and space and allow you to focus on you, with the help and support of others.


The true power of your healing, is within the heart-connected power of the group.

Self-Development Workshops: About
Self-Development Workshops: Corportate Workshop

Corporate Workshops

A Space To Help Your Team Re-Energise, Re-New, Re-Create and Re-Prioritise

Provide resilience and well-being workshops for the work place. Tailor made for the authentic needs of your employees. A full sensory experience to truly switch off from office demands, take a breath and look after your team. Using a mixture of mindfulness practices, guided meditations, self-awareness tools and self-development exercises. This not only helps people personally but has a professional impact, adding value to their work lives and in-turn adding value to the business.
Rates available upon request (length of workshop, number of employee's and travel expenses are factored into the price).

Thank you for delivering yesterday an effective session on meditation. Well done and keep it up. I have attended your sessions twice now and have found that it puts me back to my resilience place and it connects me to myself again. I hope you continue to deliver more sessions because it prepares me to feel ready and refreshed the next day. At the same time, it’s an amazing tool to release the weight of my shoulders.

HR Data Analyst

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the session. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken part in anything like it and thought it was a really healthy release of emotion and nicely timed at the end of the day to help clear out any built up stress ready for the evening. You gave us some really quick and helpful tools to continue this in our own time going forward. I feel like it set me up for a good week and when it gets a little stressful at work or my thoughts become heavy, I think back to my lists and this really puts things into perspective and helps me deal with these emotions better. Thank you for taking time out of your day to share this with us

HR Admin

Thank you for this Amy I loved your session it really helped me on a personal and professional level – I did feel quite emotional while participating in the emotional clearing as a lot of my feeling were hidden away up until that point it was a good release for me. The gratitude session made me feel very humble and calm.

HR Consultant

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