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Heart-Centered Services from Coaches, Practioners and Alternative/Complimentary Therapists

Here at Higher Vibes Corner, we believe in the POWER OF THE GROUP.
Amongst our growing soul family, we often say 'During the storm, be the Buffalo'. The Buffalo is the only creature on the plains to walk towards the storm in order to survive it. They don't run and hide, they face it together, as a herd. With the strongest and wisest on the outside, protecting and sheltering the weakest, oldest and youngest in the middle.
The quickest and effective way through life's inner storms, is through it. To actively walk into it, with the help of your tribe, your herd, your people. Together, you can heal and move through anything.
Our only mission, is to help as many people as possible; to gain the healing, insight, wisdom, clarity and knowledge they need, to move forward with their lives.
To find the home within their hearts.

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Acorn to Oak is a holistic and spiritual organisation. They provide a wide range of exciting courses, events and training sessions that will inspire you. On a personal level will improve your health, well-being and daily life as well as discovering your unique genius and enhancing your life with added joy, happiness, spirit and vigour! On a professional level take you to new heights of awareness, creativity and productivity. They have associates based in London, Surrey, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset, Lincolnshire and Middlesex.

Founded in 1998 by Pennie Quaile-Pearce SRN RSCN MA MSc LCH RMA Cert Ed. She is passionate about helping and guiding people to become the best possible version of themselves, by realising their own unique genius and gifts and then enabling them to bring this uniqueness to the rest of the world.


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Just Be, offers a safe space for self- development, learning and doing the necessary work to have a real and joyful life. Just be offers supervised Breath4Life™ Breath Work sessions, inspirational talks, 1 to 1 Reiki treatments and Reiki Shares.

Founded in 2018, by Adina Hanganu-Newton, a Romanian and British national living in Ash, Aldershot. She is passionate about creating a safe space where people can allow themselves to be authentic, let down the walls built around their heart and show their true radiant colours. Passionate about leading people to the pool of eternal peace, love and bliss so they can drink and see for themselves the true beauty that is within themselves. Passionate about guiding them, to do the work required so that beauty is uncovered and shines always.



Energymatters, based in Surrey, UK, provides Breath4Life™ Breath Work, Life & Spiritual Coaching, Reiki Treatments and Training, Hopi Ear Candle Treatments, Indian Head Massage. Energymatters is about providing a safe and confidential space for you to work through what ever you feel you need to at that point.

Founded in 2015, by Adam Weller, he works as a vehicle mechanic alongside his private practice. He is committed to self-development and working to be the best version of himself. Passionate about helping and supporting people as they clear their clutter, find out who they truly are, where their passion lies and the power they have, to change dreams and aspirations into goals and reality. 



Divine Hearts, based in Hertford, UK, provides, Breath4Life™ Breath Work, Motivational Talks, Life & Spiritual Coaching, Reiki Treatments and Training, Laughter Yoga, MAT Techniques, Corporate Wellbeing Advice and Workshops. Their goal is to pass on knowledge and techniques to help empower others by exploring the journey from your head, to your heart. Their workshops and courses are designed to allow you a safe space to remove masks, gain clarity and get real. With their guidance you will recognise what behaviours, beliefs and attachments no longer serve you and be inspired to follow your dreams.

Founded by Tracey Vaughen, she takes great pride and joy in sharing tools to create a more balanced and fulfilled life. Provides people with the space to safely challenge their fears and to walk their path to freedom. Combining life skills, emotional intelligence and energy medicine to help people rediscover the amazing qualities that are already within.


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Inner Balance Breath Work, based in West Byfleet, UK, provides, Breath4Life™ Breath Work, Life & Spiritual Coaching, Reiki Treatments and Training and Wellbeing Workshops. Its mission is to share knowledge and experience to help other's transform their own lives.

Founded by Matthew Donnachie, he is passionate about sharing a safe space with a "no messing loving attitude", so that people will get the most out of "the training" and themselves. A trained teacher and presently works part-time as a builder alongside his private practice. In his twenties he got to a point where life had to change. No longer prepared to keep going through the same old stuff again and again. With a few years of coaching, Breath4Life™ Breath Work and emotional intelligent work, Matthew has been able to clear his personal clutter and find himself and his true passion - helping others.



LIFTU is an Energy based Complementary Health Practice and Teaching organisation based in Lincolnshire, run by Paul Fischer. Currently they provide treatments in Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Breath4Life™ Breath Work. They also provide courses and one-to-one sessions in: Emotional Intelligence; Life Coaching; MAT Technique; Meditation; Stress & Anxiety Lowering Techniques. These can be either Face to Face or remotely via Skype or Telephone.

Paul is passionate about nurturing people’s skills in relaxation and letting go of limiting behaviours, so they can joyfully express their true authentic dance with nature and the world. 


"To go fast, go alone. To go far, go with others."

African Proverb

Company Affiliates: Quote
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