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Shamanic Healing

'Shaman' is an ancient term for a healer - a person of medicine. Shamanism is a spiritual practice. Shamans work with the spirit, healing illnesses at a soul level. Able to enter altered states of consciousness and mediate between the visible and invisible worlds aiding healing on an energetic level. They know where to access power and information from nature. They study and communicate with plants, animals, elements, and the spirit world, which guides and informs their healing work.

In 2024, I qualified as a Shamanic Practioner, taking the year-long Medicine Wheel & Healing Tools training with Spirit of the Inca - School of Energy Medicine. My trainer Chris Waters trained and worked with Alberto Villoldo, the founder of The Four Winds Society - the leading school of energy medicine and healing.


This is the path of initiations of the Earthkeeper tradition from the Sacred Valley of Peru handed down by the medicine men and women of the Inca tradition. 


Illumination Process

A process to help you heal the root cause of your imbalances. Involves talking, somatic techniques, breath work, chakra rebalancing and visualisation. It may include advanced energy techniques such as extraction work and soul retrieval. Can be done in person or on the phone. 

60 minute session: £60

90 minute session: £90

Stones on Foot

Kuya Limpia treatment

A gentle relaxing treatment to clear heavy energy. Using kuyas (stones) over the body to clear and cleanse the body and energy field. Includes talking and sharing to ease into the session, kuya cleansing on the body (fully clothed), visualisation, with eagle and jaguar to help you ground and come back into balance. In person session.

60 minute session: £60

30 minute session: £30


Fire Ceremonies

Fire ceremonies help mark beginnings and endings. Supporting life changes and transitions, what you want to let go and bring in. They can be done alone, with a guide or in a group. Bring your intention, what you will release into the fire, your voice, your song and what you want to dream into being. 

Group fire ceremonies to be announced. Watch this space.

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