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About Me:
Amy Gower

My Story So Far...

A myriad of GCSEs,

A-Levels A-C.

A degree in sport science,

A fitness instructor license.

A World that's been travelled,

Connections un-ravelled.

Jobs in corporates':

Admin, systems, Human Resources;

MS skills, project management, process improvements,

General mixed bag, too many to tag.

Hobbies of all sorts:

Football, salsa, gigs and music,

Seeing the World, all things lucid.

But what grade I've achieved, qualification received;

Hobby I've learnt or money I've earnt...

Matters little to the heart.

So what does matter?

The faith I know,

The answers I crave,

The wisdom I pray,

The truth I seek,

The depths of Divine devotion.

The want for a better life,

For a better choice, moment to moment.

To design my inspiration,

Feed my positive aspirations.

The contentment felt in natures silence,

The happiness felt in someones smile.

The passion to help, to serve.

The courage to stand in the face of emotional fires,

To know my own shadow,

And to laugh by its side.

To tell my truth, no matter the hurt,

To take responsibility, for my thoughts, action and deeds.

To live with integrity, to take heed.

To be there when it counts.

To make my vibe... my art,

To live passionately from the heart.

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