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Our Creation

How Higher Vibes Corner started...

Founder, Amy Gower, always had a sense of wanting to help; be it people or the environment, she just felt the pull to make it better. Beginning with the conservation club, planting trees at Primary School, to litter picking in the street at Secondary. Volunteering throughout her life, from the Amazon Jungle to a Costa Rican School.

This passion for change and positive difference is matched with her natural gift with others. Amy effortlessly connects with people from all walks of life. Upon first meet, they would share their deepest fears, hopes and dreams. Feeling safe, comfortable and accepted unconditionally. Heart to heart connection woven at the seams. 

After years of floating with this innate pull to help, wandering curiously through the self-development path; devouring empowering, mind-shifting books, videos, seminars, one after the other. Amy started to take her personal and spiritual development seriously. She found a mentor and spiritual guide, started deep extensive inner work and disciplined ego training with Acorn to Oak - The International School of Energy MedicineAttending intensive spiritual retreats, regular breathwork therapy and exercising daily spiritual practices. Became Reiki Master in 2017, studied the energetic model of health, understanding of the chakras, psychic development, self-realisation and advanced energy techniques.

Finally, whilst working in HR for a global pharmaceutical giant, she wanted to start sharing her teachings and experiences with others, to help with their energy, resilience and well-being.


As she sat by a lake, the name Higher Vibes Corner channelled through and monthly workshops ensued. They went from strength to strength, people truly started to benefit from the tools, guidance and safe emotional space. 

Now, the next stage of creation begins... with you.

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