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Breath4Life™ Breath Work

Breath Work therapy uses a simple connected breath technique, in order to help change the state of consciousness, enabling you to heal unresolved issues, and process suppressed emotions in order to let go, and heal past traumas. Relieving this load clears blocked stagnant energy; allowing you to experience more freedom, and ultimately enhances your quality of life.

Breath4Life™ Breath Work sessions are structured, safe and progressive, with on-going support and processes that help people to discover their fullest potential. They are tailor-made for each individual, and progress at the speed and pace at which each person is comfortable with.

Breath Work can help the young to the elderly, from the cancer-ridden to the emotionally scarred; it reaches all walks of society addressing a number of issues on the physical, emotional, mental and psychological level. You will need to be committed to the process. Breath Work requires patience and whilst significant results might be noticeable immediately after a session. For many, more profound changes take place over a period of time. However, one session alone will start to bring the body back into a state of harmony, balance and equilibrium. A common side-effect is increased energy levels! Equally the balancing of energy flows can have a significant effect of reducing stress related ailments, particularly insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Breath4LifeTM Breath Work has been featured in What Doctors Don't Tell You - a monthly magazine which publishes the latest news on healthcare, complimentary therapies and alternative medicines, written by leading experts and highly-respected contributors. Here, Matthew James Donnachie shares how he beat emotional trauma using Breath4LifeTM and how he helps other's do the same.

Breath Work sessions are one to one and will run for approximately 2 hours. I will start the session by explaining about Breath Work, how it works and how to do the breath. I will also ask a few standard questions, to help you get the most out of the session. The Breath Work will then start, by lying down and starting a continuous connected breath and I will coach you through this. Music will be playing throughout. Once you feel your Breath Work is complete, you will have time for integration and grounding and sharing, asking questions if you so wish. You may feel a certain level of anticipation, anxiety or resistance before a session, this is perfectly natural, just breathe, trust and allow yourself to feel it. Please wear comfortable clothing, refreshments will be provided.

Pricing Levels:

  • 1 Breath4Life™ Session: £150

  • 3 Breath4Life™ Sessions: £425. Save £25.

  • 6 Breath4Life™ Sessions: £850. Save £50.

  • 10 Breath4Life™ Sessions: £1400. Save £100.

*Exclusive Offer* - try your first ever Breath Work session for just £120.

Please note, Breath4Life™ Breath Work has more powerful and life-changing affects when done regularly over a period of time. Eating one apple, going for one run, lifting one weight won't improve your health long-term. Dedicated and consistent effort will impact your long term physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. When booking in bulk, Breath Work is cheaper and adds more value than one off sporadic sessions.


Explore my Transformation Packages for even more serious life-changing options:

Beginner Level:

Includes 3 Breath Work sessions and 3 coaching sessions (complete within 3 months)

Full Cost: £515

Worth: £540. Save: £25

Intermediate Level:

Includes 6 Breath Work sessions and 6 coaching sessions (complete within 6 months)

Full Cost: £1030

Worth: £1080. Save: £50

Advanced Level:

Includes 10 Breath Work sessions and 10 coaching sessions (complete within 10 months)

Full Cost: £1700

Worth: £1800. Save: £100.

Payment plans are available for block bookings.

Learn more about Breath Work

Breath Work
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My story

My Breath4Life™ Breath Work Journey

I was suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for the second time in my life, I could barely get out of bed, I had to leave my job, my depression started to sneak back in, I was in total despair and desolation. Why? Why? Why again? What am I doing wrong? The doctors couldn't help, no-one had answers. Until I reached that point - 'I just can't live like this anymore' and I will do whatever it takes to get better. And that's exactly when I met Pennie Quaile-Pearce, founder and CEO of Acorn to Oak and creator of Breath4Life™ Breath Work. This is the pivotal point my life changed and she introduced me to this tool. I finally got to grips with what was sabotaging me, holding me back, keeping me small and keeping me sick. Just using the power of my breath, with courage, strength and will; I blasted through the pain, the shadows and started to empower my own healing. With Breath4Life™ Breath Work and an expert guide - I truly managed to break free and start my transformation. Now I would love to be your guide and help you do this too...


Breath Work FAQs

These questions are often asked by those interested in Breath Work, and the answers were written by highly trained and experienced Breath4Life™ Breath Work practioners - Jill Pay, Beverley Glick and Pennie Quaile-Pearce (founder of Breath4Life™ Breath Work).

So what exactly is Breath4Life™ Breath Work?

The breath is our fuel for living – we wouldn’t survive without it. Breath4Life™ Breath Work is a therapeutic use of that vital breath. It is a simple breathing technique that enables you to connect with emotions attached to past traumas and unresolved issues. Connecting with those emotions gives you the opportunity to heal the past and bring more clarity to your future.

Why do it and how does it work?

Whenever we experience a traumatic event – which can be as ‘big’ as the loss of a close family member or as ‘small’ as losing a favourite cuddly toy as a child – there is always an emotional reaction to that event. Over the course of our lives we encounter numerous traumatic life events. However, we do not always fully experience the emotional response to those events, and so they become stuck. This is often referred to as ‘emotional baggage’, which can affect how you are living your life. Breath4Life™ Breath Work is a dynamic use of the breath that enables you to reconnect with those ‘stuck’ emotions and free up the energy surrounding them for you to use in a positive way.

What happens during a breathwork session?

You lie down on the floor or on a bed, under blankets or a duvet, get yourself comfortable and close your eyes. A qualified practitioner then takes you through a relaxation process and a countdown with colours and numbers to take you even deeper into a relaxed state. You then start the Breath4Life™ breath – a simple connected breathing technique during which you breathe in through your mouth, imagining you are taking in energy and gently allow the breath to sigh away, leaving no gap between the in breath and the out breath. You continue with this rhythm of breathing while the practitioner holds the space and keeps you safe – probably for around an hour and a half. Music will be played throughout the session, which may help you to access particular feelings.

What is it good for?

There are so many ways in which you might gain from Breath4Life™ Breath Work. You might be anywhere along a spectrum at one end of which is that you just don’t seem to get where you want to be going in your life; and at the other end there are emotional and mental issues related to anxiety and depression, deep-seated fear and anger or unresolved grief. Breath4Life™ Breath Work can help you wherever you are on the spectrum – to gain clarity around an important decision; to gain insights into unhelpful behaviour or situations that are limiting your life; to reduce emotional overwhelm or even conversely to re-energise from a feeling of being numb. Emotional baggage can weigh heavily on a person and this baggage can be reduced over time and the load lightened significantly.

How long do I have to do it for?

An individual breath work session typically lasts two hours – including time to settle in and make sure you are ready to go home afterwards. Frequency of breath work sessions is tailored to the individual, with some people needing to breathe weekly, monthly or after a time less frequently. In terms of commitment to the process, a rule of thumb is one month per year of living with a particular problem or set of problems. A practitioner will encourage you to make a commitment to 10 sessions (or to follow a course, such as the Acorn to Oak Breath4Life™ Foundation Course) in order to gain the most benefit and to achieve a good level of progress with your health and wellbeing.

What if something comes up that I can't handle?

People often worry that they will become overwhelmed during a breath work session. It may feel difficult for a short while during a breath work; however we know that clients experience only what they are ready and able to – plus the Breath4Life™ practitioner will be there to support and guide you through any challenging periods during the session. By lightening the emotional baggage bit by bit, you gain more sense of self-control and are more likely to be able to experience emotions in a healthy way.

Can I do it by myself?

When starting out with Breath4Life™ Breath Work it is not advisable to do it by yourself – the support of a qualified and experienced practitioner is necessary. The practitioner’s role is to make sure you get the most benefit from your breath work session, to help keep you on track, to guide you through any difficult parts and to ensure you are fully present and ready to leave at the end – usually giving you a cup of tea and a biscuit into the bargain! You will be given some maintenance techniques that you can practice, to support you in experiencing emotions in a healthy way.

Will I have to talk about my stuff?

Sometimes it is difficult to talk about what is happening for you, or you just can’t find the words to express how you feel. Breath4Life™ Breath Work does not require you to talk about your story; the practitioner supports you to experience the breath work session and guides you through it with very little talking – it’s all about using the breath to support you to heal the emotions connected to past traumas and periods of difficulty in your life, so that you can move forward more freely and with an understanding you have gained for yourself – not through someone else’s filter. There is, however, space to talk with your practitioner if you feel the need to do so.

I've tried lots of therapies - what's different about this?

There are many different types of therapy available and how people respond to a particular therapy is very individual. With Breath4Life™ Breath Work there are a number of clear differences – first of all it is a modality rather than a therapy. It is also recognised that the client is at the centre of the process and by them doing the work, with the support and encouragement of the practitioner, they gain insights and understanding that no amount of talking can give. It is also immensely empowering as it enables the client to tap into the resources of knowledge, wisdom and understanding that has previously not been accessible. This type of breath work allows people to access and build on that wealth of inner understanding. The practitioner will give feedback during the process, but clients are also encouraged and expected to develop their own reflective practice to monitor their progress in all areas of their lives – thus further encouraging ownership of their healing process.

How do I justify spending money on breath work or personal development?

When you really want to change your life experience but are not willing to invest in yourself, it’s usually because you just can’t seem to understand that your life will not change unless you “do” something different. Take Action… One of my favourite quotes is from Einstein, his definition of insanity is “to continue to do the same behaviour, but expect a different result”. If you think this is expensive, I'd like to ask: “compared with what?”. With living in the same pain? With not enjoying your life? A holiday? A night out? A cup of coffee? When you decide to do the work that will help you move forward in your life and help you find your true authentic self and free your soul. Put a call out to the universe for the right “guide” for you and they will arrive in your life and suddenly the funds you need to work with them will manifest in your life.

"Every time I think I've had the best breathwork the next one manages to blow my mind even more . With the supportive safe space of Amy's home and with Pennie and Amy with me I had a truly amazing breathwork. Thank you both xxx"
"10 out of 10. Transformational. Beyond what I expected. Would recommend to friends."
"Really good. Thank-you so much. I would recommend to others. Given me so much more than what I came for."
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