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Are You Allowing Yourself To Be Caged In Someone Else's Definition Of Potential?


What is that?

What does it mean?

What's 'realising' it?

What's NOT fulfilling it?

The constant narrative I've heard from teachers, managers, even friends: 'You have a lot of potential'. So I've spent many years living in the cage of this narrative: 'I have potential'. Which means I've never reached it, fulfilled it or truly lived it. Leaving me constantly frustrated, irritated and often enraged... 'I HAVE POTENTIAL, WHY HAVE I NOT REACHED IT?!'

So today, for the umpteenth time, I was told I have potential; 'Yes, I know' I heard myself say. And then started the typical frustration cycle of what, why and how do I reach it? Then suddenly stopped... took a breath... *inhale*...*exhale* and asked myself... but what is potential? What is potential to me? And what is potential to another person? Should my life be defined by another person's perception of what they think my potential should be? A resounding, life satisfying, NO! came to me. My life and thought processes should not be determined by someone else's idea of what my 'potential' is.

So what do I deem is my potential? The official noun definition: latent qualities or abilities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness. With this in mind then, what do I deem is success? What do I deem is useful?

Do I feel I have achieved, experienced and done everything I want in life? No, but am I living, breathing, doing, loving, being kind, compassionate, being of service, contributing, making a difference, living with integrity, opening my heart, learning, growing. Yes! Am I doing all the things of value to me? That are useful? That feel like success to me? Yes! So does that mean I am already living my true potential? The potential that resides within my heart and not someone else's perception of what potential is to them.

If I am living my potential, that doesn't mean I don't strive to do more, experience more or give more. In fact, it just means I can do it without the pressure of 'be better, be more!'. Be better or more than what? Be more of a human being?

Potential to be great? Why are you not great already? As you are? And what is, great to you? Define it yourself, don't let someone define it for you. Live your own sense of greatness, realise your own sense of potential. Don't feel caged by other people's imprisoning narrative of what you could or couldn't be.


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