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Nature's Lullaby

Do you ever just sit alone? Outside? Against the rustle of the trees? Amongst the twigs and the leaves? Bare foot, planted on the land?

Do you ever just be? Just be, when you have those moments of not really knowing how you feel? Of not being able to access understanding? When there's almost a numbness and an everythingness inside? A subtle chaos but everything is still? Do you ever find meaning in those leaves? The sound of the trees? The light against your skin? Do you gift yourself those moments? To ground, to breathe, to make sense, to find alignment, a centre, a hold of something you barely let yourself feel?

Play with a feather? Snap a twig? Knot a daisy chain? Run your hands against the grassy weeds? Do you ever? Do you ever just let the cool breeze in? The sunlight across your face? Do you wait just for a holiday? A designated sunny place?

Nature is there calling you in, Calling you to it's gentle effervescence. Calling you to just sit and hang by it's side; Like a long lost friend, Like the friend you barely see but pick up exactly where you left off. Mother Earth calls and wants to hug you into it's green arms: 'My child, my child, why have you waited so long? Waited so long to greet me? Come to me, sit by me, let us sing you nature's lullaby; With birds, the breeze, buzzing of the bees. Let us show you it's safe, Let us show you where you belong, Let us know we are always beside you, singing you our song. For here you will be free, for here we extend our branches of peace, For here, we are the fragrance of heavenly love. Let us be, let us be, Let us be near you always, It just takes you to sit, be still and feel the Earth of O'Mother Divine.'

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