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Find The Eye Of The Data Storm

Information, data, e-mails, messages, texts, tweets, posts, photos; digital data information overload. It comes from every angle, at work, at home, pubs, clubs, social, even sacred spaces. Wherever you go, you are pumped full of digital downloads. Hard, fast, relentless, spinning us into data vertigo. Stimuli from above, below, East to West. Where do we get a chance to take a breath? How are we supposed to discern what’s useful? What’s needed? What’s fake? What’s real? What serves? What's authentic?

As the World spins faster, wanting us to consume more, buy more, process more and move at the speed of light. Where does that leave our bodies? Our minds? Our souls? For these do not operate at light speed, they take time to assimilate, acclimatise, evolve and grow. In fact, they need the opposite, they need to slow, to digest, to recover, to take those all-important breaths.

In this chaotic digital data storm, of laptops, tablets and phones, allow yourself stillness to find that eye in the storm. Don’t be dragged by the ferocious consumer speed, devoured by the monster stimuli. Take your time to sift through data’s rocks, pebbles and sand. In this futuristic age, find your authentic pace. Flow at your own rhythm, slow dance to a few deep breaths. Listen to what’s really going on, what you truly need, what you honestly feel.

Technological progress and change is indeed an incredible feat, something to be marveled. But will you really allow it to jeopardise your health, your well-being, your precious mental health? Be kind and gentle with yourself, as the tornado of information flies in and around you. Surf on its wings, rather than be caught in its Web.

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