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'I don't do anger, I'm not an angry person'

'I don't do anger, I'm not an angry person'

Ever heard yourself say that? Its something I used to say a lot. Something I hear my clients say. Something, when said, I know where we need to go; the MAD bucket.

Often, we divorce ourselves from emotions, be they mad, sad, scared or glad. We 'think' our way out of them. We 'shouldn't' them off into our basement. Move them into 'can't go there'. Label them off as 'not right'. Wrap them in layers of guilt and shame. Put them happily in a box of 'this is not me'. Leave the basement, shut the door and cut ourselves off.

We cut ourselves off, from ourselves.

This often leads to imbalance, dis-ease, dissociation, mental and physical issues. One element, to being whole, healthy, functioning, ALIVE human beings, is to claim it all. Our full feeling selves. All the mad, all the scared, all the sad, all the glad. Everything in between. Our emotional states do not define us, they are not who we are. They are just e-motion. Energy in motion. To be felt, seen and moved through. You are not your emotion.

Reclaim yourself and feel it all.

If you need help and support, coming back to balance; owning all those lost parts. I'm right here.


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