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Falling off the wagon

'Falling off the wagon'

'I can't believe I fell off the wagon AGAIN!' is a phrase I often hear from my clients. Whether that's going back to an unhelpful vice, action or behaviour or not sticking to all those healthy habits, like exercise, good diet and meditation.

And what often comes after the realisation of falling off the wagon, is the self-beating, self-critical analysis and self-flagellation. So much time can be spent in this stage, you spend even more time 'off' the wagon than on it. And at times drift even further away from the wagon, as you get trapped in a cycle of beating yourself up, back to the vice and unhealthy habits, back to beating yourself up AND repeat.

Its not about focusing on the falling off. We are human. We will fall, we will fall off time and time again. And sometimes we will fall HARD. But its not about the falling. Its about recognising we fell off, reflecting on what made us fall, then taking responsibility and getting back on again.

Do your best not to waste time in the cycles of self-flagellation, let yourself off the hook. Dust off, reflect, take a breath and go again. Keep moving forward. Keep on, keeping on.

If you need help and support staying on the wagon, getting back on the wagon or even realising you're off it. Contact me, we can keep moving forward together


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