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If a tree had a face, what would you say?

If a tree had a face, what would you say? What would you ask? What have you seen? How many sunsets? Sunrises? Heavy storms have there been? How many birds have you helped nest? How many squirrels have scurried across your chest? What keeps you so strong? What keeps you standing so firm? How have you been here so long? What can you tell me about life? What's your secret? What wisdom resides within your bark? Your branches? Your leaves? Can you help me? Do you have a message for me? Are there more like you? Do all tree's speak? Give the same advice? Carry the same wisdom? Do you ever feel alone? Is there anything you need?

For we've met for a reason, your face certainly tells a tale. There must be more to life than what we see? Just being near you calms me, grounds me, helps me breathe. Are you an ancient healer? Standing, waiting silently just for lost souls to arrive? Have we missed you all along? Are you helping us see with our heart's not just our eyes? Are you helping us draw into your solid silence? Where insights are heard? Where voices of our loved ones speak to us? Where all the wisdom we need is inside us? Where we can just be...?

Oh how the tree face now smiles, as it connects with our peaceful insides. 🌳😊🌳

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