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Second Guessing Yourself!?

Second Guessing!? Do you ever second guess yourself? Was it right? Was it wrong? Have I done good? Have I done bad? Should I be doing this? Should I have done that? Should I be doing this, that and the other? Should I not? Am I a good person? Am I bad? Second guess, second guess, second guess... over and over again. Question after question after question? When does it end? Will it ever end? Is there an answer? Am I even doing this right by asking all this!? Its exhausting, its exhausting just writing about it. Its exhausting not having clarity, not having certainty, not having peace of mind. EXHAUSTION! Constant whirs of second guessing and questioning is EXHAUSTION in action! So, is there an end I hear you cry? Is there an end to this cycle, this pattern, this constant mental merry-go-round? Well, first things first... do you want it to end? Do you really really want it to? Do you want it to so much, you will literally do anything it takes to stop it? To break free from it? Because there's no sugar coating here, if you do not want this enough, you will continue to be locked in, trapped in a mental whirlwind of your own making. When you have hit that wall enough times, suffered enough, broke down enough. Are you finally ready to say 'NO MORE!'? Ready? Good, then you can move onto the next stage: ASKING FOR HELP. Whether this help be through a magazine, a book, an online course, a mentor, coach, guru, a counsellor or therapist. You will not truly move through and out of this pattern until you find and seek help. And unfortunately the first round of help you seek, may not help at all. At best, it may do nothing. At worst, it may even damage. But you have already agreed with yourself, you will do anything it takes. So you keep on keeping on, until you find it. It may not be one thing, it could be a plethora. Indeed, a whole lifestyle change, even what you wear or how you breathe. But make no mistake, every single action, no matter how small or tiny it may seem, is a HUGE action to positive change and well-being. A HUGE action to breaking free of mental and physical exhaustion. So, once you are ready and willing to change, will do whatever it takes and you have sought help and now putting these daily actions and practices in place. Its about PERSEVERANCE. The keep on keeping on. The every little step, one by one, even if you have no shoes and your feet are bleeding. You keep on stepping. And my friend, the beauty here is, you do not have to step alone. Yes, you have your own internal battles and demons, but you can have others walk alongside you and sometimes hold you along. Not because you are needy, or feeling sorry for yourself, playing poor me and the victim. But because you made an empowered choice to step towards help, step towards change, step towards freedom. And you empowered yourself even more, to ask for help and support, from your TRIBE, your HERD, those friends and family who are supportive, caring and nurturing. The one's who only want what is best for your highest will and good. Not their own agenda. And yes, these people do exist. They are out there, just put out the call. Be intentional and clear in finding them. These are YOUR PEOPLE. When you are in that mental barren desert, desperate, alone, bleeding from the inside, they will be there. You just have to whistle. Perseverance does not have to be a lone job. Its not big and its not clever, to do perseverance alone. In fact, its almost detrimental to the mind, body and soul. Find your people, find your tribe, find the tools, the help, the actions, the practices to help you move forward with your life. Move forward with CERTAINTY, CLARITY, VITALITY, WISDOM and KNOWINGNESS. With that fierce fire inside, that says 'YES, I'M RIGHT!', this is it, this is who I am, where I'm going and what I need to be doing. And if you ever lose that inner certainty, you have the tools and the people to help you find it again. You never have to go too far off track and spin, turn and crack your head again. Patterns may come back, cycles may repeat, but only to return to be healed again. Or take a new and healthier form. So, lets leave EXHAUSTION at the door. Let's step into something new, something easier, something better, something lighter and something more SELF-ASSURED. Because why do life any other way? And here's a door to something new, it maybe the one thing you never knew you needed until now: I assure you, we're in this together x

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