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This is Jose Mourinho. A man I adored and revered.

This is Jose Mourinho. A man I adored and revered. I've been going to watch Chelsea Football Club for 30 years. This man's exceptional leadership brought us success beyond our wildest dreams. For many Chelsea fans he was a Deity. Alas, his second stint at Chelsea ended in a tumultuous affair. Now, at Manchester United he is suffering a similar pattern and fate.

This is also a man, no matter his 'God' like success and leadership qualities. Is deeply in pain. I'm certain his father's illness and eventual passing is a contributing and overwhelming factor in his change in demeanour, attitude and some would say 'demise'. During Mourinho’s second stint at Chelsea, his father was in and out of hospital. In June 2017, whilst managing Man United, his father passed away.

This is someone who has barely begun to deal with the angst, anger, sadness, fear and pain from his father's death. This is someone who has clearly packed all that grief in ice, masking it with the only thing he knows, football. It seems, that ice has been slowly melting and emotions are leaking out. His inner and outer World are starting to crumble, with the unexpressed, unfelt and unspoken grief.

So Jose, my personal message to you, I highly recommend you book onto a Breath4LifeTM Breath Work session with me. You can finally start to heal this pain you're in, find your heart again and lead with that spark and vigour you once had. You don't have to live life this way anymore.

With love and compassion,

From someone who see's the man, not the God and right into your broken heart x

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