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Are You Trapped & Bound By Your Mistakes?

Mistakes are made: Where wrong things are said, Where actions cause hurt, Where behaviours are irresponsible. Mistakes are made, ALL the time. And it doesn't only hurt others, but the deepest rawest parts of you. There is shame, embarrassment, often a serious knock of the ego; Like failing yourself, letting yourself down, a feeling of 'I know better than that'. But do mistakes define you? Does the pain caused in self or to others lessen who you are? If your mistake was not intentional, if it was inadvertent, if it was one momentary lapse in judgement? Does that make you a 'bad' person? Does it make you lash and whip yourself? Berate and judge? To the point of making you so small, you feel you don't deserve better anymore? To the point of lessening your value, your worth, your fragile self-esteem? And is that self-flagellation worth it? That self-harm? That world of pain? That desperate inner suffering? For one mistake, one slip of the tongue? One unintentional act, word or behaviour? Before you seek forgiveness of others; Its paramount you seek forgiveness in self first. FORGIVE YOURSELF... For wrong-doings, for pain, for harm, For let downs and upsets, For another's perceived 'suffering'. Let yourself off the hook; The hook you placed around your neck, That keeps you tied and bound, dark and confused. Lay that hook to rest now, it’s not welcome here anymore. Choose self-care not self-abuse. Choose to reflect, own your shadow and act differently next time. Choose to make it better where you can, with truth and hindsight. Choose to look forward, not back; for the future can be changed, not your past. Choose to write a letter of forgiveness to yourself and then let it go. Choose compassion, choose healing, choose kindness, choose gentility. Choose YOURSELF over abusive mind monsters that shred callously at your own dignity and respect. Mistakes do not maketh the person, Their sincere dignified response of kindness, wisdom and compassion for self and others, Maketh their heart, their value and their worth. Here, you may lay your guilt, shame and worry to rest...


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