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A True Safe Space

A SAFE SPACE? What is that? What do I mean when talking about being in a safe space? What makes a space SAFE? A safe space has multiple layers. Its not just about being in an enclosed space with a trusted person, i.e. a counsellor or group therapy with a facilitator. Its not just about the relaxing music that might be played or the candles, Buddhas and crystals placed around the room, like a spa or massage centre. Its not just about the sensory aesthetics, having the right room, the right music, the right visuals, the beloved deities, the nice smells etc. This all helps and adds to raising the positive vibration of the room. But what truly makes a space safe, is the person or persons involved who are holding it. These trusted people need to be energetically and emotionally clear, free of their own agendas, wants and needs. Have done and continue to do, huge amounts of their own inner healing. Are able to put their own stuff aside to be in service to the person or individuals who need their help and support. They understand about projections and not transferring their own stuff onto others. They also understand and are aware of not being dragged by other people's stuff and projection. They need to have full emotional awareness of themselves and others. They will ensure ground rules are in place for all to follow, that keep everyone involved safe. They will be able to stay in solid inner alignment, no matter how emotionally intense and painful a situation can get for the person they are holding the space for. They must have other people's highest will and good in the centre of their hearts. They are reliable, responsible and accountable for everybody's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual safety, including their own. For a person who can hold a true safe space, knows what unsafe is. Consistently in their own personal lives, seeks only safe spaces also, like nature and other like-minded souls. But if they end up being in an unsafe space or situation, know how to hold their own bubble of safety within themselves. Safe spaces become a lifestyle choice, they intentionally choose places and people that are not harmful to themselves or others. There are many places and people that parade as being safe. Some, that you are born to see as safe, but in truth are quite the opposite. This could be family members, religious places, schools, hospitals, care homes, therapists, counsellors and even 'gurus'. They are supposed to be, but unfortunately this is not always the case. So our idea of what 'safe' is, becomes very distorted. We may have experienced some very challenging traumas in these 'safe' places. Therefore, in turn, subconsciously keep attracting unsafe people, places and situations into our lives, because this is what feels 'safe' and familiar. So, have no idea what SAFE actually is anymore or if it even exists? Luckily, there are some very safe and supportive people around that can hold this true safe space. In which you can heal, find clarity, insights, relax and just finally breathe. A safe space can be a truly transformative one, here you can cry, scream and wail if you need to. The space can be held to support whatever you need to release, transmute and move forward with your life. But don't allow your mind to fool your heart when entering a true safe space. When I first entered one, my mind went crazy. All I wanted to do was up and run. Every demon was up in my face. But its those demons rising up, that helped them to be healed once and for all. When light's purity shines strong into the confines of your heart, the creepy crawlies and monsters in the darkness have to scurry out. And it can be uneasy, uncomfortable and often terrifying. But when you hit the right space, the right person, the right group of people; your heart and soul are literally rejoicing inside! So, be careful when choosing a safe space and a safe person. I myself, have gone through extensive deep healing and ego training in order to be and hold a safe space for others. And there are many others I know who have done the same. So if this calls to you or resonates in any way, reach out. Perhaps your heart and soul can rejoice too, as you can finally have a place to feel truly safe and at home. Because it does exist and has the potential to truly turn your life around...

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