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Break The Resistance!

Have you ever experienced a coach? A mentor? A guide? Someone to hold you accountable? Someone who will say or do anything to help you better? Help you break free? Help you reach your potential? Someone who can ask you that one question, that makes you question your whole sense of distorted reality? My hand is up, up very high and very firm. Yes, I've experienced a coach, in many different ways and forms. But there will always be that one coach that literally transforms your very existence. The guide, the mentor, the person that you want to run from, as far as possible and never return but somehow, somewhere, deep inside, their very essence calls to you and you can't hide, you can't keep away. They pull you back because they are showing you the way, the light, the direction you want to go, the place you want to always feel. They show you the way home and everything you are and want to become. And it's scary, it's all-time scale anxiety, panic attack scary, Just being around them makes you jittery, shakey and messy. But they KNOW you, they SEE you, they FEEL you and have only your highest will and good at their very heart. And if you are willing to change, willing to do what it takes, willing to breathe through the terrified; You will find that breeze, that summer air, the light upon your face, Those diamonds on the inside, That inner contentment, that peace, that serenity. That happiness you have been chasing outside of you; Now lives in there, right in there, in the very heart of you. And your coach, your guide, will always be there to help you find that place, take you back to that place and hold the space to be that place. So I invite you to BREAK THE RESISTANCE! Take a breath, feel the fear and do it anyway; Stop listening to the voices, The negativity, The shadows that envelope you. Feel that person is right, sense their light, And walk towards it. Life does not need to be this hard, this difficult or this painful. You can't always control what happens on the outside; But you can always control what happens on the inside. And this is your power, This is your hidden super power. To fight for that feeling of home; Of peace, contentment and serenity.

Your life can be better, can be simpler, can be less painful; Just trust, break free and let a guide show you how. You never know, I might just be that guide, The one that feels like home...

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