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Who Are We?

A Transformational Movement

Provides a true safe space for deep healing, transformation and real-life changes.

Combining energy medicine, coaching, guidance, meditation practices and emotional intelligence tools to help you move forward with your life. Provides Breath4Life™ Breath Work Therapy, Reiki Treatments, One to One Guidance and Self-Development Workshops.

A warm and safe environment, to share, allow your emotions to flow and raise your vibration.

Here, you can be free to connect to the home within your heart.

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Here's a sneak preview...

I work with clients on a deep, holistic and energetic level; I go deeper than the symptom or diagnosis, I treat the person as a whole. I will help guide you to the root causes of your imbalances and work on a deep sub-conscious level. I have powerful tools to help you access, feel and heal what's stopping you from living a healthy life of joy, passion and purpose.

Do you finally want to feel that sense of 'coming home'? Would you like a warm and safe environment to share and allow your emotions to flow? To raise your vibration, no matter what issue, challenge, symptom, illness or diagnosis you have? With me, you can be free to connect to the home within your heart; I'm right here, just waiting for you to arrive...

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What We Offer?

These packages combine a mixture of Breath Work Therapy, Reiki Treatments and One To One Guidance in order to help you make REAL-LIFE changes. I will be in true service to your highest will and good. I will be your guide, your coach, your mentor. I will be there to help, support and empower you through your journey of self-development. Allow yourself to soar!

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Breath4Life™ Breath Work is an exciting, dynamic, cutting edge self-healing process. It uses a simple connected breath technique, to help you change your state of consciousness, enabling you to clear subconscious clutter and heal on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It is a life-transforming journey of self-discovery into self awareness and freedom.

Reaching Out to the Sun

Reiki is an energy medicine, which promotes your self-healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. A Reiki treatment consists of laying the hands on the body and allowing the energy of life to flow through the hands to the person being treated. It relaxes, yet energises and can enhance your health and well-being in boundless ways.

Reiki Treatment

One to one guidance, to help you find the answers within yourself, so you can start creating the life you truly want. To simply, be fully present with you, lend an actively listening ear and provide practical advice and tools to help you work through the challenging maze of your emotional life.

Meditation by the sea

Creatively designed group workshops to help you explore yourself, clear emotional clutter and experience the power of meditation. A place to share, gain insight, learn and grow, with others by your side. A safe space for your souls to finally breathe.

Group Meeting
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"Life should be a continuous source of inspiration!"

Paramahansa Yogananda

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What we help people feel...

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Had an hours reiki session with Amy. Amy was very nice made me feel welcome to her place. The atmosphere was really nice. The whole session was for an hour but felt like 15 minutes. Highly recommend it for people who want to relax and leave stress and worries behind

Reiki Feedback

Amy's service is incredible. She helped me with some stuff and I now have a clearer idea of my goals and ambitions. I would highly recommend Amy, she is personable and a caring individual... Thank you!

Reiki & Guidance Feedback

Amy is very inspirational she easily connects with you and makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed within a few minutes in her company. The meditation sessions that she runs at GSK are invaluable they have helped me on a personal and professional level to feel the kind of calm that enables you to meet the challenges that life throws at you with a new found courage and resilience.

Group Workshop Feedback


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