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A space for healing, connection and growth. Feels like home.


Alternative & Holistic Therapy

Here, at Higher Vibes Corner, I provide a deeply held safe space. All is welcome here: your fears, your tears, your darkest thoughts, your deepest pains, your fiery rage, your brightest hopes and wildest dreams. Bring it all, for this is the place for deep healing, transformation and real-life changes.

I'll work with you on a deep, holistic level: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I'll go deeper than the symptom, issue or diagnosis, and treat you as a whole. Guiding you to the root causes of your imbalances, on a deep sub-conscious level. I've mastered simple yet powerful tools to help you access, feel and heal what's blocking you from your most truest, heart-singing, soul-fulfilling life. I'll help you create a new story, a new way of being, perceiving and feeling; a renewed connection to yourself, your now and your future. 

I combine energy medicine, breath work, meditation, journeying, visualisation, somatic techniques, emotional intelligence, ceremony, rites and ritual to help you move forward with your life.


Trained in Breath4Life™ Breath Work Therapy and Usai Reiki Mastership with Acorn to Oak - The International School of Energy Medicine and Shamanic Medicine Wheel healing tools and practices with Spirit of the Inca - School of Energy Medicine. I have nearly 10 years of rich training, personal healing and experience. 

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